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Towards an Accessible Web-Based Health Education Platform on Neuromuscular Diseases

Towards an Inclusive Society

  • We provide equal opportunities to patients, families, medical professionals, and the general public for health education and information on neuromuscular diseases.

  • We provide equal opportunities for web accessibility to people with and without visual impairment or physical disability.

  • The website was professionally designed and implemented by a social enterprise consisting of team members who are proficiently trained in web development, fully committed to their work, and not constrained by their physical disabilities.

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Patient and Family

This educational website provides information on neuromuscular diseases, including disease profiles, diagnostic tests, nursing manuals, etc., to improve the quality of life of patients and their families.


We have established this educational website to enable the public to understand neuromuscular diseases and share their experiences through patients to reduce misunderstandings, promote the equality and inclusive community.

Healthcare and Academics

We promote public education on neuromuscular diseases and the advancement of medical professionals. We organize different medical conferences to serve as a platform for an exchange of knowledge.

Understanding "Neuromuscular Diseases"

Myasthenia gravis, insiders often call it “MG”, a condition that causes some muscles to weaken.

Non-progressive congenital muscle disease is a group of rare muscle diseases caused by different genetic variations. “Congenital” means that the symptoms may appear at birth, during infancy or during adolescence.

Congenital progressive muscular dystrophy, a group of rare muscle diseases caused by different genetic variations. The mutated gene gradually impairs muscle cell function. Patients usually develop early symptoms within a few months after birth, including hypotonia, muscle weakness, and joint contracture. Some patients suffer from breathing problems due to respiratory muscle weakness, and mouth muscle weakness, resulting in difficulty in swallowing and eating.

Motor Neurone Disease (MND), also known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), is a disease that damages the nerve cells that control the muscles. The affected muscles become wasted and weak. The patients are getting worse gradually until they fail to move, swallow, speak and breath; and they finally die.

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About Us

The Hong Kong Society of Neuromuscular Diseases Limited was established on March 25, 2015. The Society strives to promote the knowledge, awareness and understanding of various neuromuscular diseases among doctors, paramedical professionals and the general public through the organisation of scientific meetings, conferences, and public seminars in connection with neuromuscular disorders. The Society also encourages the multi-disciplinary research of neuromuscular disorders with the goal of developing more effective interventions and enhancing the function and quality of life of patients.  We operate in a non-profit manner.  Our board members come from different specialties, including doctors from the specialties of paediatric neurology, adult neurology and pathology, as well as allied health professionals.

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